SQ1P - steam quality test kit in aluminium case opened


The SQ1P is our oldest steam quality test kit. Sold for over 20 years it has become we believe the most popular steam quality test kit in the world.


The SQ1P steam quality test kit designed specifically to comply with EN285 is our longest manufactured steam test kit. And for good reason, it’s robust and time proven.

The ability to measure the non condensable gases over an extended period of time contrary to the limited periods using the EN285 system has made it a favourite with test engineers for over 20 years.

The compact case means transportation is simple.

The Steam Dryness parts that fully comply with EN285 HTM201 etc are robust and reliable.

We supply 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8mm pitot tubes with ½” triclover fittings as standard. But we can supply any size orifice and fitting as extras.

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• The SQ1P was designed to conform with the specification of EN285.

• Water cooled
• Manual vacuum Level Adjustment
• Compact, all in one case
• Includes the test equipment for the Dryness test and Superheat test
• Optional carry case for the Balance and Temperature meter
• Suitable for Tri-clover connections

SQ1P — Kit contains

• Robust steam condenser with valves for steam and cooling water flow control
• Stainless Steel Condensate collector
• Submersible pump for local cooling via a container of water
• 250ml Plastic jug
• 25ml Burette
• Burette sucker
• Braided Stainless Steel steam hose with 1/2″ Triclover adaptor
• 1 Ltr flask
• Bung and tube assembly
• Rubber steam hose
• Tube Clamps
• SuperHeat tube
• 1/2″ Triclover Temperature Probe entry gland
• Compact case for easy transportation