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Technology approach

Since we started manufacturing test kits at the end of the 1990’s we have established ourselves as market-leader in Steam Quality Testing equipment manufacturing across the world. Up to the present time we have specialised in designing equipment such as Sample Coolers, Steam Quality Test Kits, accessories and Test and Reporting software.

Especially, being the original manufacturer of the SQ series of Steam Quality Test Kits it is in our DNA to lead the way with intelligent technologies. They were developed with a very knowledgeable understanding of the requirements of what a test engineer needs.

Our latest product

The SQI-TM1 , a high quality dual input PT100 temperature meter, is the latest product in our portfolio. Like all our equipment it was designed from an engineer’s perspective. It includes a large screen, robust probes and leads and a dedicated test feature that will record all the vital figures and save them for use later. No more fumbling with pens and paper halfway up a ladder. Moreover, it can produce a graph enabling easy diagnosis of issues.  To complement the SQI-TM1 we developed the SQI Test and Report application, available on Android and Windows . The software seamlessly links to the SQI-TM1 to capture all the important temperatures as well as all the other test data, and subsequently calculating the results.

The SQI Test and Report software, as the name suggests, will take that data and in a few clicks produce reports to your format. The SQI-TM1 and the Test and report apps are a game changer for the industry.

The way forward

With our profound insight and technological edge, thanks to the flexible and mainly Agile development, we are able to design and manufacture the most optimal equipment. We do it to assist the test engineers with their daily challenges.

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