About us

Who we are…

TJB Systems Ltd was founded over 20 years ago. Its main core business has been steam test equipment, although we have dabbled and still engage in contract electronic design and programming.
A bit of history …

What we do…

We teamed up with Keith Shuttleworth & Associates Ltd to supply hospitals and pharmaceutical companies the world over with steam testing equipment.

Very proud that even our earliest equipment is still in use today. We still support, maintain and service equipment after all these years. Preferring to keeping equipment running than discarding them to the scrap heap.


Our Mission…

We are now embarking on the next adventure. Steam Quality Innovations.

Taking steam quality testing to the next level.

Our Story

Steam quality testing for sterilizers was first introduced back in the 1970’s as part of the NHS HTM documentation. The equipment developed was based around what they thought most hospitals would have available to them. It was to say the least crude and very basic. You needed great care and luck to be able to get accurate repeatable results. Unfortunately the equipment set up defined in the regulations has remained unchanged since.

While using the antiquated set up in the late 1990’s we said. “This system is very unreliable, we can do better.”

And that was the start of the SQ series of test equipment.

We developed the kits based around real world needs. With a very knowledgeable understanding of the requirements of what a test engineer needs.

As it turns out we were the first to develop the new system and bring it to market.

The SQ1P has been in production since then. It has established itself as the de facto standard that other equipment are compared against.

Since then we have improved the equipment to make the test engineers life even easier. No longer do you need to source large amounts of cooling water. The SQ1E is an air cooled system. It comes complete in a compact portable case that enables you to easily transport the equipment to site, and then use the case and included stand to set up and start testing with the minimum of fuss.

Over the last few years we have been busy, spending many £1000’s on R/D and developing new products.

Our latest is the SQI-TM1, a high quality dual input PT100 temperature meter. Like all our equipment it was designed from an engineer’s perspective. It includes a large screen, robust probes and leads and a dedicated test feature that will record all the vital figures and save them for use later. No more fumbling with pens and paper halfway up a ladder. It can also produce a graph enabling easy diagnosis of issues.

To complement the SQI-TM1 we developed the SQI Test and Report app.

Available on Android and Windows the software seamlessly links to the SQI-TM1 to capture all the important temperatures. The software also enables you to capture all the other test data and calculate the results.

The SQI Test and report software as the name suggests will take that data and in a few clicks produce reports to your format. The SQI-TM1 and the Test and report apps are a game changer for the industry.