Test Kits, Steam Sample Coolers and Accessories for Steam Quality Testing

Test Kits

Steam quality test equipment, compact, durable, used by validation professionals and test engineers worldwide. Enables you to sample your steam to determine the values of Non-condensable gases, the Dryness fraction and Superheat.

Steam Quality testing kit - showing kit content in opened metal case

Sample Coolers

Hygienic Steam Sampler Condensers. We can supply portable water cooled steam sample coolers as well as forced air cooled units specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry. What ever your needs in portable steam sample cooling were are sure we will have the solution. Ensuring an uncontaminated sample is a priority. All our samplers can be steam flushed and include shrouds to prevent external contamination.

Sample Cooler - side view


Designed specifically for steam quality test these accessories will help you to achieve accurate test results. Here you will find a variety of Pitot tubes in standard and non-standard sizes. We also have PT100 temperature indicators, probe entry glands, steam hose connectors, steam hoses and more.

SQI-TM1 - PT100 Temperature meter - with accessories

Our engineers ,with years of experience in steam testing, have developed all our Steam Quality Test Kits and Steam Sample Coolers. Consequently, not only are they designed to comply with HTM2010 and EN285 they are designed to make performing the tests as simple as possible.

With our intimate knowledge of the science of steam testing and the nuances of performing the test we are investing in instructional videos and producing a blog to help you make testing as simple and accurate as possible.