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Steam quality testing equipment, that use samples of steam to significantly determine the values of Non-condensable gases, the Dryness fraction and Superheat,

SQ1E Top of the line Steam Quality test kit Sample Cooler


• Considered the Top of the line steam quality test kit for Tri-clover test points.
• Air cooled Non Condensable Gas Test, therefore no cooling water is needed.
• Particularly makes use of electric water vacuum level adjustment.
• Supplied in a beautiful robust case with wheels for portability and particularly includes a retractable hand.
• Folding shelving included for convenient testing.
• For the Dryness and Superheat tests the needed equipment is included.
• Optional cases for the Balance and Temperature meter.

SQ1P Our most popular Steam Quality Test Kit


• Certainly, our well known popular test equipment.
• It is Water cooled.
• Manual vacuum Level Adjustment
• Compact design which allowed a all in one case.
• Includes the test equipment for the Dryness test and Superheat test.
• It can be ordered with an optional carry case for the Balance and Temperature meter.
• Designed to be suitable for Tri-clover connections.

SQ1T Basic Steam Quality Test Kit


• Suitable for threaded connections.
• This is the most basic version in our portfolio.
• Cooling method: water.
• The level adjustment for the vacuum performed manually.
• An all in one case design type.
• Furthermore, a carry case can be ordered as an option, to accommodate a Temperature meter and a Balance.
• The kit includes all the needed equipment to allow for Dryness and Super heat test.

Steam quality testing as defined by EN285

– Non condensable test
– Dryness test
– Superheat test

Performing tests involve establishing the physical attributes of dry saturated steam, the gaseous phase of water
It is the steam supplied to steam sterilizers.

Non-Condensable Gas

Non-condensable gases are the gases entrained in steam that do not condense back into water when the steam is cooled below its boiling point.Range limit is 0-3.5%


Steam dryness fraction is a value used to quantify the amount of water within the steam. For example if steam contains 5% water by mass, it’s said to be 95% dry, or have a dryness fraction of 0.95. Range limit is 0.95 to 1.0


The Superheat value is the temperature of the steam as it goes from steam line pressure to atmospheric pressure.Range limit less than 25 °C above the boiling point of water at your altitude.