SQI Windows App

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We have developed the Windows SQI Test and Report App to make the life of the test person easier. After performing 1000’s of steam quality tests over the last 20+ year, we understand the issues facing the test engineers in the field.

The culmination of all our experience embodied in an easy to use application : the Windows SQI Test and Report App , with the following stand out features:

  • Intuitive collection of data
  • Easy calculation of the data
  • Great reporting
  • Simple hassle free connection to the SQI-TM1 temperature indicator
  • Use as a central database for all your reports

The ability to produce reports is the 2nd feature the app was designed for. This feature is a
fantastic tool to make testing as simple as possible, fulfilling Steam Quality Innovations’ number one aim to make your life easier.

Furthermore, this software application was written in house by the head of R/D. So we can guarantee its to the highest standard and secure.

As a first option ee really recommend you to only download it from the Windows store. From your PC open the Microsoft store app and search for “SQI Test and Report”.
Or use this link:- https://bit.ly/3lmR3BE

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If you need to download it directly from us and side load it you can get it HERE

The Windows App manual can be downloaded from HERE

The instructions on how to make a Report Template can be downloaded from HERE