SQI-TM1 - Dual input temperature indicator and accessories


• Bluetooth dongle for SQI-TM1 connection to a PC
• Plug and Play

SQI-BTR Description

The SQI Test and report app has the ability to remotely receive data from the SQI-TM1 dual
input temperature meter. However due to limitations with the Windows (™) Operating system
the reliability of the Bluetooth data transfer is very limited. It was found to be so unreliable
that we removed the option from the PC version.
To resolve the desire to receive real time data from the SQI-TM1 on a PC we developed the

This is a special Dongle programmed to receive the data packets from the SQI-TM1 and
convert them into data the PC can access.

Systems Requirements

• it needs a USB A type port, this can be on the device or using an appropriate adapter if one is not available on your PC eg a USB C to USB A adapter or extender.


• Certification: CE, RoHS
• Origin: United Kingdom (origin)
• Type: USB Dongle


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